Dungern is the second oldest god of the Orcine and one of the only deities manifested within the Yawning Hells. Over Dungern's millennia of existence, he has had numerous opportunities to escape the Yawning Hells, but he prefers to stay. As the god of fear, darkness, and insanity, he is able to reach into the mortal world without leaving his throne.

Description Edit

Dungern is everything and nothing—he shucks a physical form in exchange for a perverse presence. He's the dread that sloughs over people at random, conjuring panic attacks and shattering bravery in the proudest hero. When choosing to manifest in the material world, he's an ever-warping mass of heads and mouths both erupting from each other's maws and devouring themselves in turn.

Though terrifying in appearance, Dungern is often playful. He looms over people because he wishes to play, and his only way of communicating is through fear. There is no concept of happiness or boldness to him—people are at their best when their minds are salted with terror.

Agents of Dungern Edit

Being locked within the Yawning Hells, Dungern rarely has time to venture into Fanria. To satisfy his desire to spread fear, he employs several vassals who act on his behalf. Of the Orcine, Dungern has the most celestial and infernal servants at his disposal—but he doesn't use them at random.

Dungern's agents prefer to act at a distance, guiding mortals with minor nudges and influences. Only when Dungern is truly scored will he have his underlings directly interfere. To Dungern, overexercising your power makes your aggression become the norm; so Dungern keeps his ordinance at bay, rarely bringing the full brunt.