The god of curses, Hosh is the ever-bloodied champion of those who wish to wreak havoc on their enemies. A stingy god, Hosh doesn't dole out favors lightly. To win his favor, one must submit their bodies through flagellation and pain, undergoing several rituals that kill the majority of challengers. Hosh demands that mortals feel the same pain he does, and the threshold is high since he lives in the Yawning Hells.

Description Edit

Hosh resembles a humanoid male form of whichever follower he is conversing with. His form is hacked and bloodied, often with weapons protruding from his skin. He is a constant reminder that pain is a part of life, and the smile on his face shows that he is happy with his position.

Hackpriests Edit

Those who bear Hosh's gauntlet of pain eventually become hackpriests, which are divine magic wielders who cast spells by spending their own vitality. They can suffer wounds that would kill normal people ten times over, all because they share their pain with Hosh. Hackpriests have been known to have their throats slit, only for a small scar to form in its place.